Travelers Notebook Features and Options – How do you choose?

Welcome back for the next installment of my travelers notebook video series where I strive to provide you with the information needed to make your first—or next—travelers notebook purchase less overwhelming. This week I share some of the features and options available—as well as some tips and hacks—to help you determine the best travelers notebook configuration for your needs.

Part 1 of my travelers notebook video series reviewed all the sizes available on the market. This is the first major decision you need to make when choosing a travelers notebook so I strongly recommend you start there—here’s the link to that blogpost which contains the size information including the video.

Next we’ll explore some of the common features and options available as well as a few tips and hacks to try if your travelers notebook doesn’t have what you need built-in. To make it easy, I’ve broken this process down into three easy steps.

Step 1 – Do a ‘trial run’

Before investing in a travelers notebook, it’s very important to do a ‘trial run’ of the size you’re considering to make sure it fits your needs and works with your lifestyle. In the video below, I share a DIY (do it yourself), inexpensive options, and identify some items you can repurpose to help you do a ‘trial run’ before investing in a travelers notebook.

Step 2 – Pick a material

Travelers notebooks are made using many different materials. While leather is the most popular choice, they also come in fabric, vinyl, vegan-leather, and many others. Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, there is a travelers notebook out there that is perfect for you!

travelers notebook, planners, fabric travelers notebook, vegan travelers notebook, cheap travelers notebook, leather travelers notebook

Travelers notebooks come in many different materials for every taste and budget

Step 3 – Determine your ‘must haves’

Travelers notebooks are a wonderful way to carry notebooks but what other built-in features or options do you need to be productive? In the video below I share my top 2 ‘must haves’ as well as other features and options that travelers notebook aficionados might consider their  ‘must haves’. But what if you found the perfect travelers notebook and it doesn’t have your ‘must haves’ built-in? Not to worry! There are many inexpensive accessories you can buy—or make yourself!—to add more features and options to your travelers notebook cover.

travelers notebook, planners, travelers notebook accessories, travelers notebook hacks

Accessories and DIYs for your travelers notebook

Bonus footage – ‘Leveling Up’ Your Travelers Notebook

So once you know what you want and what works for you, you may want to ‘level up’ and get a really nice travelers notebook that you’ll love and cherish for years to come. In the video below, I included bonus footage highlighting some of my ‘special’ travelers notebooks that are not only an example of fine craftsmanship but contain features and options galore!


Modern travelers notebooks come with many wonderful features and options but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. I truly hope this travelers notebook video series—and there’s more to come!—helps make this process easier for you so you end up with a travelers notebook that you’ll truly love!

So what features and options do you like to have in your travelers notebooks? What is your favorite DIY or hack for expanding the utility of your favorite cover? Please share in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

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