It’s that time of year again! With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re probably looking for that perfect gift for the planner-addict, pen-geek, or tech-nerd in your life.  But not just any gift to make them smile—you’ll want to ‘slay’ them! 😉 So what’s popular this year? Keep reading to find out!

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Our family Christmas tree!
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For the planner ‘purist’, check out the new leather ring Filofax Lockwood binders available in two stunning, muted colors—Garnet (my personal favorite!) and Aqua—as well as two sizes: personal (3.75″ x 6.75″) and A5 (5.5″ x 8.5″).  If they’re more of the ‘book type’, you can never go wrong with the standard Midori travelers notebook in the new beautiful Camel color (I’m using this beauty as my travel journal!).

For the more the creative and crafty planneraddict, check out these gorgeous planner bundles available from Carpe Diem by The Reset Girl and The Happy Planner Kit by MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) which comes with everything you need to setup and decorate your 2017 planner pages. The inserts included are undated so your gift recipient can start using this kit now or next year. If they’re more of a scrapbooker into ‘memory keeping’, check out the American Crafts Memory Planner kits by Heidi Swapp—available in both coil and ring bound—that includes everything they need to create beautiful scrapbook-type planners.


If you’re looking for something extra special that goes beyond the traditional daily schedule and boring To Do lists, check out the ‘Let’s Do This’ success planner by Susana Cresce or the ‘Law of Attraction’ success planner (also available in gold!). These planners are designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to not only focus on your yearly goals but create the life of your dreams!

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What goes perfectly with a beautiful planner?—a pen! Whether they’re a ballpoint, gel pen, pencil, or fountain pen user, there’s something here for everyone!

The Pilot Metropolitan is an amazing pen, available in an assortment of colors and styles as well as EVERY WRITING STYLE (ballpoint, gel pen, mechanical pencil, and fountain pen), what more could you ask for ? I own the Pilot Metro in all the styles available—the fountain pen is my personal favorite—so if you’d like to learn more about their fountain pens, check out my blogpost published earlier this year to learn more about them here.

Looking for a more luxe or unique pen gift? How about a Xezo handcrafted, serial numbered, stunning fountain pen (my husband introduced me to this brand last year when he gave me one for our anniversary), a brass convertible Kaweco Supra fountain pen (yes, you read that right—it converts from a pocket size to full size fountain pen by adding/removing the mid section!) or a fude (aka ‘bent’ nib) calligraphy pen. This Lanxivi Duke interchangeable pen nib set is an amazing value since it comes with BOTH a fude AND medium nib as well as a carrying case (another brand my husband introduced me to which I love to use for sketching). If you’re looking for a pen with a bit more ‘personality’, the Retro 51 gel pens are awesome and are available in a variety of themes and patterns including one for Christmas called ‘Jingle Bells’!

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What do all tech nerds want? Tech toys! 🙂 The gift ideas below are truly what I consider ‘tech gems’ in my book that any techie in your life will enjoy—you can never have enough toys!

Almost everyone has a mobile phone or tablet on them at all times which means that capturing life’s moments as they happen are as easy as ‘point and click’. Need a printout for your journal, scrapbook, a postcard, or the fridge? Then check out the LG Pocket Photo printer which connects via Bluetooth and produces wallet size photos in a snap! The photo paper is genius—with the ink built into the paper and there’s also sticker paper packs available—so there are no separate, messy ink cartridges to deal with. I love my pocket printer and use it all the time to add pictures to my memory-keeping art journal.

Like many of you, I love to listen to music and watch YouTube videos plus—I work from home—so I’m always either hosting or attending virtual meetings and conferences. That said, I’ve been thru more wire mic+headphones than I care to count. Earlier this year, I decided to try something different so I picked up the LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headphones and can I just say ‘wow!’  The sound is crystal clear, they last a week on a charge, are comfortable in-ear, have controls for both my phone and music playlist and I can pickup/mute/place calls with the touch of a button. The most surprising benefit has been no longer being tethered to my phone. I can walk around the house, get a cup of coffee, and move around freely without getting tangled up in a wire—highly recommend!


This next little ‘tech gem’ has changed my life! As an IT professional by day and blogger by night, I use my phone for many things and, as a result, am constantly running out of room. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to connect my phone to my laptop to transfer all that information so what’s a techie to do? This gadget is GENIUS! If you notice the connectors, one will connect to an iPhone, the other is a standard USB. And here’s the genius part: between the two connectors is a 128 Gig thumb drive—what?!?! This is the Lexar Jumpdrive which I use to ‘offload’ my files temporarily from my iPhone then, when I have time, I transfer them to my laptop—I told you it was brilliant! If you want to learn more about the Lexar Jumpdrive, check out my blogpost published earlier this year here. This is one little gadget that everyone should have in their bag! And while on the subject of drive space, there’s another ‘tech gem’ that you can never have too many of—a large capacity external harddrive. It may not sound ‘Christmasy’ but trust me, they’ll thank you knowing they had somewhere to backup their files, pictures, videos, and music to from their laptop, phone, tablet, or DSLR camera should it ‘die’ one day. The Western Digital 2TB Portable External Harddrive is an incredibly large drive for being such a small package. Western Digital is a great brand—I used to buy and install them in user workstations back in the day when I was a PC technician—so it’s one of the company’s I trust. I’ve backed up my Macbook Pro, my husbands iMac, and my daughter’s Macbook Air and I’ve barely put a ‘dent’ in it—there’s still about about 99% of the drive left! And yes, this includes backing up our iTunes library which not only includes music but movies as well so, yes, it can handle a lot of information. If you’re looking to create a nice little ‘gift bundle’, this Amazon Basics Hard Case is the perfect, protective carrying case for the WD external harddrive and costs than 10 dollars!
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So there you have it! A list of great planner, pen, and tech gifts that will be coming to a home near you on Santa’s Sleigh. 🙂

How about you? What are some of your favorite planner, pen, and/or tech gifts either given or received? Please share in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

Until next time, 🙂

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