Another year, another blogpost–can you believe it?! It’s been 3 years since I decided to start a blog in my little corner of the internet and I can honestly say it’s been a creative joy and an honor to serve my fellow plannernerds, pengeeks, and techies. On this very special day, I choose not to post about ‘planners, pens, and technology gems’ but instead express a heartfelt ‘Thank you!!!‘ and share my sincerest gratitude to all my readers, followers, and YouTube subscribers. 🙂

I am so happy to be a part of such wonderful communities that not only shares my passions but who completely understand the joy and thrill of the beautiful creative instruments we use to express ourselves and expand our minds. They know what it’s like trying to explain their hobby to someone who just doesn’t ‘get it’ and have lived thru many puzzled looks from someone trying to figure out why it’s such a big deal. Our community is generous with their knowledge and innovate with tips and hacks while being supportive when we miss a new product launch, struggle to find a ‘most wanted’ item, or lose–even worse, break!–a much loved treasure. As they say, ‘you had to be there’ to truly understand it all. This is why despite work or life getting in the way, I always make time to get involved and consume all the ‘pearls of wisdom’ shared by our community as well as try to contribute some of my own. And for all this…I thank all of YOU for making this a truly special birthday! Looking forward to many, many more. 😉


♥ LilD ♥