Welcome back everyone! Every January, I publish a planner setups blog post series where I share the planners I’ve selected for the year—yes, there’s usually more than one, don’t judge! This week I’m finally sharing my most highly requested video: an update on my work bullet journal! At the beginning of last year, I was ‘forced’ to try a new setup because my printer had ‘died’ and I couldn’t print out my favorite planner inserts. It was a total leap of faith but—spoiler alert!—it turned out to be the best work setup EVER! So what made it so great? Read on, I have sooo much to tell you!!!

There’s no greater fear that strikes the heart of a plannernerd who relies on digital inserts than a broken printer—ahhh!!! A dear planner friend had designed that digital insert for me which I happily used for the last 6 months of 2016 and then—WHAM!—my printer ‘died’….a few weeks before the New Year. {sigh} So what’s a plannernerd to do? What does a plannernerd always do? They dive into their stash—don’t try to pretend you don’t have one!—and they frantically look for that book/accessory/supply they’ve been hoarding for a ‘special occasion’. What I ended up choosing was my spare Miquel Rius 600 page soft cover journal with the graph paper that I was saving for something special. Well, guess what? That day was NOW and that something was a WORK BULLET JOURNAL (read more about it here).

Fast forward to present day, over twelve months later, and all I can say is WOW! I originally tried the bullet journal system back in the summer of 2016 (read more about it here, here, and here) and it went ‘okay’ but I couldn’t see myself using it for any length of time. Then I tried it for work—I’m an IT Professional that manages multiple software projects—and let’s just say, I am now a bullet journal believer! I experimented and learned so much over the past year that I decided it was easier to share all my tips and techniques for managing multiple projects in a video otherwise this would be a very, lengthy post! Check it out below (FYI, this video was purposely filmed to blur the page writing to protect information):

To summarize, in the video I shared how to make the most of your work bullet journal and use it to:

  • differentiate among multiple projects and entities in every area of your bullet journal
  • efficiently leverage the index to track and tag important information, control entries that could overwhelm your index, and make sure you use every single page
  • work with your company digital tools
  • effectively manage long-running projects (over 1 year) and whatever dominates your workload
  • organize project information so you can find it easily
  • strategically mark key pages so you can flip to them quickly

This is just Part 1 of 2 videos so stay tuned for the next one where I’ll share some custom layouts that I think would be helpful to have in a work bullet journal especially if you manage multiple projects.


So what about you, do you use a work bullet journal? What are some of your favorite tips, tricks, hacks, or techniques?—seriously, I really want to know! Please share in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe—especially to my YouTube channel! (thanks in advance for your support!!!)

Until next time,

♥ LilD ♥