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Great Affordable Fountain Pen – TWSBI Mini

In a previous blogpost, I wrote about a great affordable fountain pen priced between $10 – $19 (read more about it here). For those looking to ‘step up’ their fountain pen game while still keeping it relatively affordable and portable enough to travel in anything from a small passport size Midori up to a full size planner, should check out the TWSBI Mini fountain pen. What makes this such a great mid-level choice?

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My Everyday Fountain Pens

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Like many fountain pen users, I try to find as many opportunities as possible to use these lovely writing instruments. I have a small, modest collection and having all the pens inked up at the same time just isn’t practical or advisable–the ink will dry up if not used quickly and clog up the nib/feed making it difficult to clean or, in some cases, damage the pen. To avoid this problem, many fountain pen geeks will select only a few pens from their collection for everyday use in case one runs out of ink (they’ll have another one ‘waiting in the wings’) or because they like to use more than one ink color at a time. As time goes by and their preferences change, they’ll rotate the pens in and out as needed.

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Travelers Notebook Closure Strap – on Back or Spine?

Travelers notebooks have become very popular in the planner community over the last decade. Whether you’re a Midori purist or fauxdori fan, you can buy a travelers notebook in a variety of sizes (pocket, field, personal, narrow, wide, extra wide, A5, etc.), leathers or fabrics, and configurations (single/double/quad loops, single/double closure straps, trifold, etc.). For this post, I’m going to focus on the closure strap and how I came to realize that I have a definite preference for its location.

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