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Write it Down or Power it Up? Password Lists

Welcome back for another installment of Write it Down or Power it Up where I review something we typically track to see if —in my opinion—it’s best suited to be managed on paper or using technology. This week’s topic is keeping track of passwords. In this digital age where almost every aspect of our lives involves technology, the number of passwords we need to keep track of in our personal, professional, and/or academic lives has greatly increased. So which is the best—and safest—way to keep track of your passwords?
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Planning for Gratitude

Welcome back everyone for a special holiday post! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. which got me thinking about the process of gratitude and how that fits into our busy lives. This year has been extremely busy at work—hence the delay between posts, sorry!—and also at home (teenage kids have a lot more extracurricular activities) so while I’ve had to adjust the things on my schedule to make things work better, I still try to make time to focus on gratitude (spoiler alert, my planner is part of this process!). So what are some ways you can use your planners, journals, digital tools, and pens to practice gratitude every day?

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Write it down or Power it up? Calendar Schedules

Calendars…schedules…the ‘heart’ of a planning system. Some plannernerds like to manage their calendars in a ring-bound, spiral-bound or disc-bound planner while others prefer to use a bound book or travelers notebook. Then there are those who are loyal to their calendar apps running on a smartphone or other device. In this installment of Write it down or Power it up? we’re going to review both options—paper versus digital—to see which one is the best tool for the job.

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Tech Gems – Lexar JumpDrive

As a blogger, I use my iPhone for many things. I take a LOT of pictures, film videos, and download files which means there’s always the danger of running out of space quickly on my phone. Originally, I would have to power up my laptop, connect my iPhone, and spend some time using different apps to transfer and backup all these files then delete them off my phone. It was a long and tedious process. Then one day, I found a solution that both made the process easier and doubled as a backup solution in a compact, 3 inch package. What was this little tech gem?

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Write it down or Power it up? To Do Lists

To do lists. Whether you use a schedule planner or a bullet journal, for work or your personal life, to do lists are sure to be a part of your system. For this installment of the Write it down or Power it up? aka paper versus digital series, we’re going to answer the ever nagging question: what’s the best tool for managing to do lists?

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