Color Coding – Planner Friend or Foe?

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One of the most popular planning techniques used in the planner community today is ‘color coding’. Color coding involves using a pen/marker/pencil in a specific color for a specific task, person, or area of your life. For example, I use a specific color to identify a specific project in my work planner and a specific color for each member of my immediate family–including the pets–in my personal planner. As a visual person, I find this extremely helpful because I can quickly scan a page and immediately find the information I’m looking for. Sounds great, so what’s the downside? Well, it could create a portability nightmare depending on how many colors you choose.

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Kate Spade Red Wellesley with custom dividers, Pelikan M150, Gold 4-color Coleto Maica

Kate Spade Red Wellesley zip with custom dividers, Pelikan M150 fountain pen, Gold 4-color Coleto