Planning for Gratitude

Welcome back everyone for a special holiday post! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. which got me thinking about the process of gratitude and how that fits into our busy lives. This year has been extremely busy at work—hence the delay between posts, sorry!—and also at home (teenage kids have a lot more extracurricular activities) so while I’ve had to adjust the things on my schedule to make things work better, I still try to make time to focus on gratitude (spoiler alert, my planner is part of this process!). So what are some ways you can use your planners, journals, digital tools, and pens to practice gratitude every day?

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Pen Faves – Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen

This week’s post comes after a small week hiatus so I could enjoy some summer fun with my family—hope you are too! 🙂 As many of my readers know, I’m primarily a fountain pen geek but—to be honest—I love ALL pens equally. 😉 For the past few months I’ve been hearing a lot about the Paper♥Mate Inkjoy gel pens so while on vacation, I saw a 2-pack in a local store and I decided to finally give it a try. All I have to say is “Wow!!!”

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Santa’s Sleigh List – Planner Addict Gifts

(*Note: This post may contain affiliate links. These links will help you find items I’ve purchased, love, or am lusting after!) 

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Welcome back for the second installment of Santa’s Sleigh List where you won’t just impress your friends, family, and colleagues, you’ll ‘slay’ them! 😉  If you’d like to read the first installment which covered fountain pen inks, check it out here.

This week I’m sharing gift recommendations for the three types of planner users—affectionately referred to as ‘planner addicts’—covered in my ‘Planner Overload’ series. If you know someone who’s been curious about getting started with planners or someone who already has a system down pat, here are some things that can add a little holiday dazzle to their daily routine.

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Planner Overload Series – Back to Basics Recap

Welcome back to the next installment of the ‘Planner Overload’ blog series! Last week we reviewed the ideal setup for a ‘beginner planner user to help you get started using planners. Hopefully by now you feel more comfortable with a planner, have–hopefully! 🙂 –developed a habit of consistently ‘writing things down, looking at it everyday’, and gained a better understanding of all the tasks and activities requiring your attention. This understanding will reveal a few things about your planning ‘style’ in order to help you determine the type of planning system you’ll need as an intermediate planner user like:

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Planner Overload Series – Where do I begin?

Picking and choosing a planner nowadays can be very overwhelming. There are a lot of companies on the market offering different types of planners in various styles, colors, sizes, and materials. Along with that, there are tons of choices for pages and supplies to put INSIDE the planner. However, the biggest change by far has been the planner and craft community merging over the last decade resulting in what is known as ‘pretty planning’. So where do you start?

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