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Planner Setups for the New Year – Part 1 of 4

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and welcome back to my blog. As mentioned in the previous post, my blog has a new ‘home’ so make sure to update any old bookmarks and check out my updated posting schedule for 2016—it’s going to be an exciting year! 🙂 Speaking of New Year, anyone feeling both excited and anxious about what planner setup to use? Should you use one or more planners? What size planner? Which page layout? Which company/brand? Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

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Santa’s Sleigh List – Planner Addict Gifts

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Welcome back for the second installment of Santa’s Sleigh List where you won’t just impress your friends, family, and colleagues, you’ll ‘slay’ them! 😉  If you’d like to read the first installment which covered fountain pen inks, check it out here.

This week I’m sharing gift recommendations for the three types of planner users—affectionately referred to as ‘planner addicts’—covered in my ‘Planner Overload’ series. If you know someone who’s been curious about getting started with planners or someone who already has a system down pat, here are some things that can add a little holiday dazzle to their daily routine.

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LilDivette Blog

Welcome to my world!

Welcome, dear reader, to my blog in this little corner of the universe. I am LilDivette on social media and just a little ‘diva in training’ trying to make her way thru this thing called life. There are some hobbies I’m very passionate about–and apparently, you are too 😉 –so I set up this blog to share my lil’ obsessions with you in the hopes that you’ll enjoy them and share yours too. Some of my obsessions involve planners, journals, paper, pens, crafting, and technology just to name a few. So pull up a virtual chair, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Kate Spade Red Wellesley with custom dividers, Pelikan M150, Gold 4-color Coleto Maica

Kate Spade Red Wellesley zip with custom dividers, Pelikan M150 fountain pen, Gold 4-color Coleto