Planner Setups for the New Year – Part 3 of 4

Welcome back everyone! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying this blog series where I’ve been sharing the details of my 2016 planner setups. So far I’ve shared my work planner and blog planner setups. This week we’ll be diving into my personal planner setup. This is my primary planner which serves as the ‘command center’ for many different areas like personal, family, fitness, home, financial, and education.

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Secret Santa Gift for Fountain Pen Geeks!

Yes, a second post in a week and it’s a special one! 😉

This week many in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving giving thanks and spending time with loved ones over a delicious turkey dinner. On the heels of Thanksgiving will be Christmas full of lots of joy, cheer, and gratitude over the thoughtful gifts given and received in the holiday spirit. With that in mind and related to my earlier blogpost this week, Santa’s Sleigh List – Fountain Pen Inks, I created a little gift for all my fountain pen geeks!

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