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Menu Planning not working? Try this instead!

For many busy moms, menu planning in advance is an invaluable tool. It allows them to have a general idea of what their family will have for dinner instead of scrambling at the last minute to get something on the table.

I have a unique situation where I work from home but, due to my late work schedule, don’t have to worry about dinner because my husband takes care of it. I do, however, need to worry about breakfast, lunch and snacks. My goal throughout the day is to make healthy choices so I tried menu planning for these meals but for some reason, it just didn’t work for me. I tend to choose what I eat based on whatever I’m ‘in the mood for’ so as a result, it was impossible to choose my meals in advance.

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Monthly Index Logs

With all the planner and page inserts available today, it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid the temptation of something new and change your setup midway–or several times!–throughout the year. I’ve fallen victim to this many times in the last couple years so I had to come up with a way to maintain something constant thru all the changes in order to avoid losing valuable information. This ‘constant’ is my one critical tool for storing vital information captured throughout the year: a monthly index.

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