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Only 11 more shopping days until Christmas so welcome back for another installment of Santa’s Sleigh List where you won’t just impress your friends, family, and colleagues, you’ll ‘slay’ them! 😉

This week I’ll be sharing gift ideas for one of the most nerve racking holiday tasks: choosing “office appropriate” gifts. Whether it be for a holiday ‘grab bag’, a coworker, or boss, there’s something here for everyone. Most offices may have rules on who can or cannot give/receive gifts or place a cap on the maximum amount of money that can be spent on a gift (e.g. less than $25) so this list was created with those considerations in mind as well as choosing items that would be suitable for both men and women. You can find many affordable options of these gifts at any local Staples, Target, and other stores as well as online on Amazon.

Mug warmer

Years ago when I worked in NYC, I received a mug warmer as an office gift. It’s one of those things you never realized you needed until you get one. Over 10 years later I still have that mug warmer and continue to love it. For those colleagues that still prefer to drink out of a good old-fashion coffee cup, this is the perfect gift!


The humble little mug, perfect for your favorite coffee or tea. This is an office ‘staple’ that can be found on almost any desk. There are plain mugs, fun mugs, unusual mugs, and novelty mugs and with the plethora of options available, a mug is a popular choice for an office gift. My favorite mug pays tribute to one of my favorite TV shows, Big Bang Theory.
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Travel Mug

This is the “cousin” to the office mug–the one that travels. Perfect to take their first cup of ‘joe’ or herbal tea along for the ride and stay warm throughout their morning meetings. One of my favorite brands is Thermos for its ability to keep my coffee warm throughout the morning and surviving a fall from the roof of my car (yeah, I forgot it was there when I started to back out of the driveway, yikes!).

Water bottle

Besides doing something active everyday, drinking plenty of water is usually at the top of most everyone’s list to stay fit and healthy. That said, you can never have too many water bottles–one for the house, the car, the office, travel bag etc. My favorite is the Camelback stainless steel insulated bottle because it keeps my water cold for hours perfect for the office and weekend hikes.
office gifts, gift ideas, camelback, water bottle


Having a nice padfolio to take meetings, conferences, or while listening to an online webinar is a basic office tool. There are plenty of professional looking cover options and sizes available to appeal to both managers and staff alike.

Business card holder

This is another item that takes many forms and for good reason: we tend to both share and collect business cards. Whether it be a card holder book, card holder planner insert, desktop card holder, or a card holder wallet, this category has something for every professional in any industry.

Pen/pencil set

Another basic office tool. Sure, there are plenty of pens and pencils in the office supply cabinet but having a really nice looking pen and pencil helps you make a great impression on both colleagues and clients alike. One of my favorite inexpensive pen and pencil sets is the Parker Jotter in Stainless Steel.
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Gadget cases

Nowadays, almost everyone has a collection of gadgets, cables, and other accessories to keep organized. That said, gadget cases are great to throw in an everyday work tote or briefcase as well as take along on business trips.

Travel pillow

For the frequent business traveler, this is a welcomed gift. Travel pillows are great to take on flights, trains, and long care rides both on and off duty to get much needed rest while avoiding neck and back pain–ouch! My favorite are the inflatable pillows because you can adjust the firmness by controlling the amount of air you put in and when you’re done using them, they flatten out making it easier to pack in your luggage without taking up any extra room.

Umbrella (auto open/close)

Sure, umbrellas are handy but have you ever tried an auto open/close umbrella? O. M. G. I didn’t realize how amazing these were until I bought one. With just one hand (and finger) you can both open AND close the umbrella–very handy when running thru the parking lot thru a rainstorm with your hands full of bags. As one hand is holding the umbrella, the other is free to dig around for keys, open a door, hold packages, toss things into a car seat or trunk, move things out of the way, all while you continue to shield yourself. Then when you’re ready, take your ‘umbrella hand’ and tap the button to close–voila! This is the only type of umbrella I’ve carried over the last 15 years–my favorite is the Totes brand–and they’re available in all sizes so I always have one with me, even in the smallest purse.
office gifts, gift ideas, totes, umbrella, open close umbrella

I hope you found this holiday list helpful in finding the perfect gift for the office holiday party, coworker, or boss or even just a gift for yourself. 😉 If you did and know someone else it could help, please like, subscribe, and share on social media. And if you think of any other great office gifts, please share in the comments below–it’s always good to know for holiday years to come!

Come back next week for the final installment of Santa’s Sleigh List to get more gift ideas–next week’s list is one you won’t want to miss!

Until next time,

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