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Here you’ll find more information regarding LilDivette.com’s Privacy Notice, Terms of Use (for all blog content), and Disclaimers. Below is a simple, ‘layman’ explanation of what all this means to ensure you understand how all this affects you. If you still have questions, let me know! 🙂


To begin, everything I share and write about on this blog are my own honest personal opinions, views, and thoughts. I work very hard to generate original content including taking all my own pictures and filming my own videos so please be considerate and respectful by enjoying it but not copying, distributing, or selling it in any way, shape, or form.  I will always be truthful and disclose upfront any curated content, sponsored posts, or affiliate links but please know they will not influence my opinions, views, or thoughts. I take the support and trust of my readers and followers very seriously and will never do anything to jeopardize it.


Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice relates to the protection of any information you share on my site–e.g. names, emails, etc.–when subscribing to my blog, newsletter, promotions, etc.  I will never share or sell any of the information you choose to share with me with anyone–period!


Terms of Use/Terms of Service

The Terms of Use (TOU)/Terms of Service (TOS) relates to what you may and may not do with any content/information found on this site–e.g. blogposts, pictures, videos, file downloads, etc.

  • All blogposts, pictures, inserts/files, videos, images, slogans, taglines, etc. that is written/designed/created by LilDivette.com, is protected and belongs to the owner under copyright laws. No one is allowed to use, sell, or reproduce anything from LilDivette.com online, in print, or any other way unless they have received written permission/approval by the owner.
  • Sharing is only allowed via traditional social media sharing mechanisms–e.g. retweeting, reposting, reblogging, etc.–where the mechanism maintains the integrity of the link back to the LilDivette.com website thereby giving proper credit and attribution to it’s creator.



Affiliate/Referral Links

In accordance with the FTC, any use of affiliate/referral links must be disclosed to the reader. You will see my disclaimer on any blogposts or videos containing affiliate/referral links. The effect of using affiliate/referral links is two-fold:

  • It’s used to make it easy and convenient for my readers to quickly find products and services that I’ve purchased, used, and love via direct links thereby eliminating the frustration of having to search and find it online, in stores, or in their local community.
  • Some of these links may result in a paid commission which is used to support this blog and other content-generating endeavors for my readers (thank you!) however this is done at no additional cost to the reader.

Coupon/Promotion Codes

In the case of coupon/promotion codes, the reader would benefit by receiving a discount off their purchase or additional products/services in excess of their purchase. The effect on me when a reader uses a coupon/promotion code may be an accumulation of credits towards a future purchase or free products/services—again, thank you!


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