That’s right, it was 1 year ago today when I launched my blog! It was an exciting, scary, and exhilarating experience. I’ve been an ‘undercover’ planner/pen/tech nerd for years and a closet writer who preferred to keep a low profile, lurking on blogs, YouTube channels, and social media outlets. When I finally made the decision to ‘put myself out there’, I thought: “Would anyone even read this?” Well, they did…and I want to THANK YOU, all of you!


Those who came across my links and posts by accident, those that discovered me thru another blog, those that stumbled on my site as a result of a Google search or social media post, and those that may have seen a pretty picture and decided to check out the source out of mere curiosity.

Thank you to those who shared their comments, links on social media, ‘Liked’ my posts, and subscribed to my newsletter. Thanks to those bloggers who I’ve followed and admired for years who shared a kind word, encouragement, or compliment. Thank you to all the cyber friends I’ve made in the planner, pen, and tech communities who are equally, if not more, passionate about the things I write about that others just don’t seem to get—yeah, that’s right! It IS a THING!

And lastly, thank you to my family who have been so supportive thru all the late night writing sessions, taking over various rooms in the house because mommy needed to take pictures or film a video, overlooked the piles of ‘stuff’ that used to be neatly tucked away and more discreet—ahem!—and for listening to boring conversations as well as constant rants about all the new technologies I had to learn to pull off this endeavor, love you guys!!!

Of course, no celebration would be complete without doing something special for my readers so look out for a special post later this week. 😉

It’s been an amazing ride and I’m so excited about this journey so thanks again for your support—I look forward to continuing the journey with you all!

Until next time—with my sincerest love and gratitude, 🙂

♥♥♥ LilD ♥♥♥