#30daysofinks Instagram Challenge – Week 1 Highlights

And we’re off! Week 1 of the #30daysofinks Instagram Challenge, hosted by yours truly (learn more about it here), has come to a close and what a wonderful, colorful week it was! I’ll admit, I considered this to be a very ambitious project but I was committed to doing something special to ‘share the ink love’ with all my fellow fountain pen geeks and hopefully inspire others to do the same. And it worked! Check out some of the highlights from Week 1—a lovely feast for the eyes. 😀

Week 1 Highlights

Yes, there were drawings, videos, quotes, and fountain pen glamor shots, aren’t they beautiful? This is just a small sampling of the variety of inks featured this week by both myself and fellow fountain pen geeks—check them out too and follow them on Instagram!—that included pretty much every color of the rainbow, I’ve already added a few new inks to my ever growing wishlist! 😉

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The #30daysofinks Instagram Challenge will continue throughout the month of April and Week 2 is already underway so feel free to join in on the fun! It doesn’t matter if you only have a few ink bottles/cartridges or perhaps you’re like me and looking for an excuse to try out all those glorious ink samples you’ve accumulated over time. Follow me on Instagram @LilDivette, post what you have using the hashtag #30daysofinks and don’t forget to interact with our wonderful fountain pen community!

Let’s keep this going by liking and sharing this post—you just may find your next favorite ink! 😉

Until next week,

♥ LilD ♥