#30daysofinks Instagram Challenge – 2017 Week 4 Wrap-up!

We did it! Yesterday was the last day of the #30DaysOfInks April Instagram Challenge hosted by yours truly and our fellow fountain pen geeks did not disappoint! This year there were lots of new and exciting inks—some from brands that were new to me—and it was great to see them featured so creatively in swatches, writing samples, and drawings. My last contribution to the challenge was a truly ‘magical’ ink, while others shared eye-catching round-ups. Check out the Week 4 wrap-up for more information!

Week 4 Wrap-up

Can you believe April is over? Another #30daysofinks Instagram Challenge came and went just like that! During Week 4, there were gorgeous inks from every color of the spectrum, beautiful wrap-up spreads, and even invisible ink!

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2017 Week 4 Wrap-up

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#30DayOfInks Week 4 inks featured (top-to-bottom, left-to-right):

Above is just this past week’s round-up of beautiful fountain pen inks. To see more inks, check out the previous week’s highlights (2017 Week 1 Highlights, 2017 Week 2 Highlights, and 2017 Week 3 Highlights) as well as last year’s #30daysofinks weekly highlights (2016 Week 1 Highlights, 2016 Week 2 Highlights, 2016 Week 3 Highlights, 2016 Week 4 Highlights). If you have an Instagram account, don’t forget to look up the hashtag #30daysofinks for even more pictures!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, liked, and commented on the posts. I, like many fountain pen geeks, are always on the lookout for new inks to try so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to share them in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Don’t forget to come back next year for another round of my #30DaysOfInks April Instagram Challenge and, as always, check back here and on YouTube for more posts and videos related to ‘planners, pens, and technology gems!’ 🙂

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