Like many fountain pen geeks, inks are a second runner-up obsession. 😉 Whether you hoard ink samples or collect beautiful bottles of ink, they definitely complete the whole ‘fountain pen experience’. That said, I thought it would be fun to share ’30 days of fountain pen inks’ on Instagram for the month of April to explore different colors from different brands. You can either follow along—perhaps you’ll find a new favorite ink—or jump in and join me! For more information, keep reading…

If you’d like to follow along:

  • Follow me on Instagram @LilDivette to see the daily posts; if you don’t have an Instagram account, check out my Instagram feed located in the left sidebar of my blog
  • Throughout the month of April, check out my daily IG posts featuring the ‘ink of the day’ under the hashtag #30daysofinks
  • Share, like, and comment on your favorites!

If you’d like to participate in the ’30 days of inks’ Instagram challenge:

  • Post your ‘ink of the day’ on Instagram—a writing sample, quote, swatch, sketch, or video using the hashtag #30daysofinks — don’t forget to include the name of the brand and color!
  • Follow me on Instagram @LilDivette and interact with other fellow fountain pen geeks that are participating—don’t forget to share, like, and comment on your favorites!

If you don’t have that many inks or fall behind, no worries! Just post as many as you can and have fun with it! At the end of every week, check out the ‘Weekly #30daysofinks Round-up‘ post (in addition to my regular weekly post) here on my blog featuring that week’s most popular IG posts from both myself and fellow fountain pen geeks. By the end of the month, we’ll have created a nice ink library to answer the ever nagging question: “What ink should I use/get?” Also, feel free to leave a comment below of an ink you’d like to see and perhaps I or someone who has it in their stash will feature it throughout the month!

Are you excited?! 🙂 I sure am and looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts on Instagram starting tomorrow, enjoy!

Until next time,

♥ LilD ♥