2017 Mid-Year Planner Lineup – Blog/Content Planner Update

Welcome back, everyone, for the last installment of my 2017 Mid-Year Planner lineup update! Previously, I shared updates on my work bullet journal, on-the-go Hobonichi Weeks planner, and primary Jibun Techo planner. I included what changes—if any—I had made to my setups as well as whether the planner and it’s intended purpose was still a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for me plus any lessons learned. This week I’m sharing an update on my blog/content planner which I completely revamped and setup using new planner products for 2017. So, is it still working or was it a complete fail?

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2017 Mid-Year Planner Lineup – Primary Planner Update

It’s July and I’m back to share another update on my 2017 planner lineup! Like last year, I started 2017 with multiple planners—one for work, blog/YouTube content, personal/family, and on-the-go. By mid-year (sometimes sooner!), many plannernerds have either significantly tweaked or abandoned their planning systems to try something new while others continue to press on with the planner they started with. Regardless of your situation, mid-year is the perfect time to do a ‘reality check’ to see what’s working, what’s not working, and make any adjustments going forward. This week we’ll take a look at my primary planner which is my main ‘life’ planner for managing personal, family, home, finances, fitness, and projects. As the ‘central hub’ of my planning system, it’s critical that THIS particular planner works and works well so is my 2017 primary planner still effective? Why or why not?

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