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Write it Down or Power it Up? Password Lists

Welcome back for another installment of Write it Down or Power it Up where I review something we typically track to see if —in my opinion—it’s best suited to be managed on paper or using technology. This week’s topic is keeping track of passwords. In this digital age where almost every aspect of our lives involves technology, the number of passwords we need to keep track of in our personal, professional, and/or academic lives has greatly increased. So which is the best—and safest—way to keep track of your passwords?
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Functional Planning with Multiple Planners

In the planner community, there two types of plannernerds: those that use one planner, and those that use multiple planners. It’s a friendly debate that strives to keep us focused on productivity without getting distracted by all the wonderful things we love: organizer covers, notebooks, papers, and pens! 🙂 With all the beautifully crafted products on the market, some may think plannernerds use multiple planners simply to find an excuse to use everything in their growing collections. However, I’ve come to learn over the last few years that there are circumstances that might warrant using an additional planner—or two, or three!–to help me plan more effectively. So what are some functional uses for multiple planners?

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