2017 Planners – Work Bullet Journal & Bonus Functional Plan w/Me!

Welcome back for Part 2 of my 2017 Planners blogpost series. Last week I shared my blog (content) planner setup—read more about it here. This week I’ll be sharing my dedicated work bullet journal as well as a functional plan with me. And, yes, solely using a bullet journal is VERY out of planner-character for this ring-bound gal! There’s a very interesting story behind this 360 degree turn but I’ve gotta say, it’s worked out very well!

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2017 Planners – Blog (Content) Planner Setup

Happy New Years everyone! Plannernerds everywhere are in a state of euphoria now that they’re finally able to use their brand new 2017 planners. 🙂 Some chose one planner for 2017 while many others—like me—chose multiple planners, each dedicated to managing a different area of their life. At the end of 2016, I shared my choice for a blog/YouTube/social media (aka ‘content’) planner—read more about it here–so in Part 1 of this yearly blogpost series, I’m sharing a video that shows a walk-thru of my blog (content) planner setup as well as some of the supplies used.

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