Write it down or Power it up? Calendar Schedules

Calendars…schedules…the ‘heart’ of a planning system. Some plannernerds like to manage their calendars in a ring-bound, spiral-bound or disc-bound planner while others prefer to use a bound book or travelers notebook. Then there are those who are loyal to their calendar apps running on a smartphone or other device. In this installment of Write it down or Power it up? we’re going to review both options—paper versus digital—to see which one is the best tool for the job.

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Affordable Fountain Pens – Kaweco Sport

Welcome back for another edition of affordable fountain pens! This week I’m sharing my favorite, most portable fountain pen—the Kaweco Sport, specifically the Classic, ICE, and Skyline models (there are other Sport models) but these are the ones in the lower price range. Don’t let the small size or simple design fool you, this little pen really packs a punch and doesn’t break the bank!

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