The Bullet Journal Experiment

If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I’ve used traditional, calendar-based planners for the past two decades. I started with a checkbook size month-on-2-page (MO2P), graduated to a Daytimer System day-on-1-page, and have tried numerous other systems, products, and layouts over the years—read more about my planner journey here. The one thing I’ve yet to try that I’ve been extremely curious about is the Bullet Journal system or Bujo for short. I’m intrigued by the concept of starting with a ‘blank slate’ every week, having everything in one place, and the overall simplicity of the system. As an experienced plannernerd who has come to learn what works and doesn’t work for her, I can’t help but wonder: can I design a Bullet Journal setup that will work for a calendar-dependent functional plannernerd? (pause for Carrie Bradshaw moment 🙂 — any fans of the ‘Sex in the City’ TV show?)

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Write it down or Power it up? To Do Lists

To do lists. Whether you use a schedule planner or a bullet journal, for work or your personal life, to do lists are sure to be a part of your system. For this installment of the Write it down or Power it up? aka paper versus digital series, we’re going to answer the ever nagging question: what’s the best tool for managing to do lists?

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Fathers Day, Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and it usually comes with a little less fan fare than Mother’s Day so let’s show some love for Dads! Dads are amazing. They make us laugh, feel safe, and are one of the first role models we look up to as a kid. They are also one of the most difficult people to shop for. Beyond the ties, sports stuff, and hobby accessories let’s take a look at some great gift ideas for dad.

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