Jinhao 250, Classic Clairefontaine notebook French ruled, J.Herbin Emerald of Chivor

NJ Pen Club hosted by Goldspot Pens

On Thursday July 30, 2015, I attended the NJ Pen Club hosted by Goldspot Pens at the Manalapan Library in New Jersey. It was my first time attending their club event–there have been others–so I was both nervous and excited to attend. When I arrived, there were already 7-9 folks gathered around a table littered with open pen cases, ink bottles, notebooks, and supplies. “Is this the NJ Pen Club?” I asked the group.

“Yes” replied a friendly face. It was Tom Oddo, Digital and Print Marketing Manager from Goldspot Pens. We shook hands and he invited me to join the rest of the group. After some introductions, I pulled out my pen case and pouch containing my tuning supplies and began tuning in to the conversations going on around me. Three gentlemen to my right were looking at and inking up pens from several bottles of Pilot Iroshizuku inks. “Oh, which colors of the Pilot Iroshizuku inks are those?” I asked. And then we were off!

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LilDivette Blog

Welcome to my world!

Welcome, dear reader, to my blog in this little corner of the universe. I am LilDivette on social media and just a little ‘diva in training’ trying to make her way thru this thing called life. There are some hobbies I’m very passionate about–and apparently, you are too 😉 –so I set up this blog to share my lil’ obsessions with you in the hopes that you’ll enjoy them and share yours too. Some of my obsessions involve planners, journals, paper, pens, crafting, and technology just to name a few. So pull up a virtual chair, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Kate Spade Red Wellesley with custom dividers, Pelikan M150, Gold 4-color Coleto Maica

Kate Spade Red Wellesley zip with custom dividers, Pelikan M150 fountain pen, Gold 4-color Coleto